We accompany you around the topic of inheritance and succession planning

Transferring family wealth to the next generation, keeping the tax burden as minimal as possible

As a specialist lawyer in inheritance and tax law, I provide you with advice on all aspects of inheritance and bequests, wealth and company succession. In doing so, I not only serve clients in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, but nationwide.

Transferring family assets to the next generation in harmony with all family members while keeping the tax burden as minimal as possible is one of the challenges we are happy to face.

From the transfer of assets during life, to the drafting of wills, to the execution of wills or representation at tax offices and tax courts, we advise and support you in a trusting manner and with excellent professional expertise.

In addition to private wealth planning, professional succession planning for family-run businesses is also one of our focal points.

and achieving this in harmony with all family members is a challenge we are happy to take on.

Wealth succession

When planning wealth succession, your individual wishes take center stage when it comes to transferring family assets to the next generation.

If you prefer to donate all or part of your assets to charitable causes, we can advise you on the options available here, for example in the form of foundations.


If assets are to pass on death, it is very important to draw up a will in accordance with one’s own wishes as early as possible.

Advice after the succession

If a succession has occurred, we advise the heirs, legatees and beneficiaries of the compulsory portion on the best possible course of action.

Quick help in case of bereavement

We support surviving dependants in settling the estate, reviewing all documents and completing the necessary formalities.

International law of succession

People’s living conditions have become much more international in recent years. Cross-border inheritances and gifts are no longer rare.

Company succession

We will also be happy to advise you on questions of company succession, in which difficult legal and tax issues play a significant role, such as safeguarding the company or the company heir in the event of inheritance against claims to a compulsory portion. Furthermore, we support you in structuring the company in such a way that it fulfills the requirements for a preferably inheritance tax-free transfer.

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