We accompany you around the topics of tax law, inheritance law and inheritance tax law

We advise our clients on all aspects of inheritance and succession planning. This includes, in particular, the transfer of assets to the next generation, whether during one’s lifetime or by means of an arrangement for inheritance. Therefore, the drafting of gift contracts and wills plays a major role. Furthermore, we support entrepreneurs in the implementation of an optimized business succession in terms of civil and tax law. If desired, we are also available as executors of wills.

A considerable role is also played by the support after the succession. This can be the case if unpleasant consequences of a will that failed from a tax point of view are to be repaired. Often, however, it is also a matter of enforcing (or defending against) claims under inheritance law, such as compulsory portions or legacies. And if there is a dispute within the community of heirs or with the executor of the will, we will assist you in word and deed. Finally, we support you in dealing with the tax authorities regarding inheritance tax.

In addition, we support our clients in all disputes with the tax office, whether in the context of tax audits or in the context of appeals and lawsuits before the tax courts.

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